Monday, 13 July 2015

Great Video

You will be Bless as you watch this video. Enjoy 

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Welcome 2014!

Greetings and hello!
I know it's been way too long since we've posted something up here.
We're terribly sorry for the lack of updates,
we simply had no time because we were busy creating precious memories in the year 2013!
For those of you who have missed out on our caroling session, check out the pictures below and do join us this year!
And for those who would like to join us for our weekly activities but have absolutely no idea what day and time are our activities, fear not! We will update you in our next post since we are still adjusting and trying out different days and time. We will finalize our decision by this week.  Meanwhile, the celebration service is on Saturdays at 4:30 pm, prayer meeting is on Wednesdays at 8:15 pm and our morning prayer is on Saturdays at 7:00 am. Do join us if you are available.

Have a blessed new year and let's expect greater things to happen this year!

Have a blessed week ahead of you!
God bless.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Devotional thoughts ... that spoke powerfully to me .... and reminded me of the necessity of having healthy boundaries

Gass, Bob (1996-11-11). Best of the Word for Today (Kindle Locations 3906-3919). . 


Minding Your Own Business 

We hear that some among you are ... busy-bodies. (2 Thessalonians 3:11) One day Peter said to Jesus, “What about him, Lord?” Jesus rebuked him and said, “What is that to you?” (John 21:21-22 NLT). Now, if Peter could get into trouble for meddling, then any of us can. The issue here is not about helping others—it’s about knowing when to mind your own business! There’s a big difference. I used to jump in without having been asked and try to solve other peoples’ problems. My motives were the best in the world, but my efforts were fruitless—and often resented. Since recovering from the need to be “Mr. Fix-It,” my life’s a lot simpler. Now that I’m not butting in where I’m not invited, I’m more available to help when I’m needed. Remember, “If it doesn’t have your name on it—don’t pick it up.” It’s that simple! However, minding your own business goes far beyond simply avoiding the temptation to police, enlighten, and “rescue.” It includes not eavesdropping, gossiping, or speculating about things that don’t concern you. That got you—didn’t it? Do you know why we focus so much on the shortcomings of others? You’ve guessed it—to keep from having to look at our own! The only thing you can change about other people is your attitude toward them.


"Listening to God"

Last Sunday, I 'sensed' the theme of the service was for me .... for us ... to see the 'Light of the World' .... with the worship songs starting to turn my thoughts to this concept.  Holy Spirit spoke to me throughout the worship time ... and it was awesome!  I believe we are to open our hearts to see Jesus in every situation .. to ask myself / ourselves as to what would He do? ... what opportunity was in this situation to shine His light to brighten or reveal the path for others? .... to be a good Samaritan / His hands (or the van ) extended to others in need?  His light does shine into the darkest places and shows the way to go.  Close your eyes and picture a flashlight (torch here if I remember correctly) ... and thought the beam may be limited or narrow, it does shine in order show a safe pathway to walk; He does the same .... but do I / we choose to follow??

Pastor's message .... "Listening to God"  .....and he said that when we do this, we can live a Godly life.  Amen to this truth!!  I wondered how many of us consistently do this ... make Him and time with Him my / our priority.  When I pause and think of my days .... I notice that on the days that I get up and rush ... too busy to make time with Him my priority ... well .... my day doesn't go as smoothly as it could.  I 'seem' unable to handle frustrations in the same way that I can when He's my moment-by-moment focus.  (Can any of you relate?)  When I can recognize that there IS a difference, I ask myself 'Why do I choose the way that leaves me open to failures, frustrations, pain, etc. ... when I really do know the better way?  And I must realize that I do have a choice ... even though it 'may' not seem like it.  I do!!  You do!!

David was a man after God's own heart ... and God commended him for being such a man ... with this label / description .... because he was always mindful of his God .... beginning as a youth tending his father's sheep .... through the years as he served Saul ... and still when he was the king.  David made a point of sitting before the Lord (2 Sam. 7) ... he waited on the Lord knowing that his God was faithful and would always answer him ... even though it was sometimes slowly.  David lived 'in touch' with God!!!  David sinned ... make mistakes .... but he humbly went to His God's feet .... with the proper response / attitude.  Do I?

Ps. 63 ... We were asked to recognize what is 'my' priority in life .. for this reveals a great deal about a person.  Is it the Lord and time with Him?  

Pastor talked about 'meditation' ... and challenged us to daily take 20 minutes to sit before the Lord .... no books ... no music .... no Bible ..... just 'me' and the Lord.  Ask Him a question ... and wait .. .patiently and expectantly wait for His answer.  He will ... but ... and it's a big BUT .... we sometimes have difficulty in hearing His voice because of preconceived ideas which we have.  Many years ago I first sat under the teaching of Mark Virkler ... and a few years ago attended a conference in Taiwan to learn more from this man.  Check out ..... free teaching .... awesome ... and life-changing.  (I have the teaching from earlier versions of the books and mp3 as well as the conference in Taiwan if you want to see them.) 

As David did, we're to:
  1.  review the past .. to see the faithful hand of our Father throughout all our lives.
  2. look at the greatness of God .... His grace IS sufficient for me!
  3.  remember His promises (begin with Psalms 1 and 91 ... but His Word if full of promises for us to claim .... but do I / we .... enough .... or consistently?)
Today IS a new day with new mercies from Him.  Will I / we / you be found at His feet?  Will He be waiting .. and waiting ..... looking for each of us to come and rest within the shadow of His wings? Don't fool yourself; He is waiting!

Please, know that as I keyed up this simple 'thought' ... I've said a prayer ... that each of us would be blessed more today than yesterday ... because of drawing near to Him.  Blessings!